The leap of faith

Every moment of our lives,

Even drawing the next breath

A leap of faith!

Belief about Enlightenment, truth, reality…..whatever you call

Needs a leap of faith, does it not?

After all, true belief is to act upon whatever you know,

Or it is not belief at all – is it not?

Point your finger at me – “blind faith”

When you, hypocrite,

Live each moment on unsaid, unacknowledged

Leaps of faith – what you eat, what you drink,

What you do, not do, and

Especially when you “Think” what you think

Is a “Valid” think!! – wow, another leap of faith!!!

How come then, with

Evidence of Christ’s Resurrection,

You hesitate to a leap  – a leap of Faith in that direction,

Since it matters not (if He lives) of what you think of Him

Rather than what He thinks of you, (very important to Him)

And if He is risen – You would have won over the fear of Death,

Allowing you to live a life of passion and Die with

Absolute conviction – that it is a beginning and not an end:

Happily ever after!


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